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CÓCOES Retail Cóllaboration

As a wholesaler of CÓCOES products, there are some discounts available if you purchase your items directly from us. Here, we can offer you 6 different discounts, depending on the size of your order:

  • Discount A: (200+ units/order) = 50%
  • Discount B: (100-199 units/order) = 40%
  • Discount C: (50-99 units/order) = 30%
  • Discount D: (10-49 units/order) = 20%
  • Discount E: (4-9 units/order) = 10%

Furthermore, we also have some add-on products and discount packages that can help you increase your sales of CÓCOES products.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us here:

Become our partner - write to hello@cocoes.com for more information