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From Our Farm To You

Our mission is to create organic, healthy, great-tasting, and sustainably farmed condiments. Better alternatives to the existing mainstream condiment market.

Working towards net positive contribution to biodiversity and working in partnership with the local community of the Indigenous People of Palawan, with respect to preservation and development of their culture as we build opportunities for a sustainable future.

Products pure from nature with only natural organic inputs to soil and raw material harvested using ancient techniques and processed with no additives to preserve the intergrity of sap from the coconut flower.

We manage every step in the life of the product as we claim for the highest standards of organic certification in the farm and factory compliant --- certified for good manufacturing practices with BRC, SMETA, HALAAL and KOSHER.

By prioritizing accessibility, we aim to empower individuals from all walks of life to participate in creating a more sustainable future, making conscious living a reality for everyone, not just a privileged few.