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Our story

CÓCOES is built around the belief that healthy living involves high-quality, safe, nutritious food and health products. Prevention is better than a cure; this is where the coconut flower nectar enters the picture.

At CÓCOES, we aim to bring the natural goodness of coconut flower nectar to your kitchen, elevating your culinary experience while promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

We are dedicated to crafting high-quality coconut flower nectar-based products., including our signature coconut flower aminos, vinegar, and syrups.

With a passion for creativity and a commitment to excellence, we aim to inspire and empower individuals to explore new flavors, embrace wholesome ingredients, and make conscious choices for their well-being.

CÓCOES products are lovingly made with the utmost care in our factory, exclusively using sustainably farmed produce. We strive to build a community that celebrates the harmonious relationship between people and nature.

From Our Farm to You: Let’s embark on a delicious journey nourishing body and soul.


Harvesting the nectar from the coconut flower is truly a labor of love and patience. Every day, our farmers venture to the farm to exercise the ancient art of tapping the flowers. We ensure that each palm and flower has optimum conditions for delivering the most premium nectar and regenerating flowers. It is regenerative and sustainable farming at its finest.


Our primary mission is to elevate the livelihood of our local farm community. Part of the revenue from selling CÓCOES will go towards our Gabay Kalinga Foundation, which is actively looking after the community.


By buying CÓCOES' products, you have decided to eat healthy, support sustainable, regenerative farming, and a community that will benefit from your purchase directly.