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The Power of SLOW is pure sustainable energy, a premium coconut flower drink crafted to energize your active life without the jitters or crash. Fueled by natural nutrients and minerals, and harvested from the sustainable bounty of coconut palms, it's nature's answer to sustained energy and mindful hydration.

More than just a drink, it's a philosophy.

The Power of SLOW unlocks a world of natural energy, reimagined hydration, and mindful connection.
Born from the lush landscapes and time-honored traditions of the Philippines, the fresh Tuba culture.

Stay hydrated in style

The Power of SLOW goes beyond quenching your thirst—it replenishes your body with a unique blend of natural electrolytes, amino acids, prebiotics, vitamins, and low-glycemic energy, ensuring lasting hydration and sustained performance.

live your slow moments

Living your slow moments has been embedded in a mindful tradition, the fresh Tuba culture of the Philippines, prioritizing health and enjoying life over a refreshing cup of coconut flower sap.
Our discovery of the versatile possibilities of coconut flower sap allows us to create a universe of coconut drinks that bring this healthy, hydrating, energizing joyful experience to the world.

So, join the fresh Tuba culture. Be part of our slow community.


Reimagine hydration. Energize joyful moments. Join the fresh Tuba culture.

Join the SLOW community