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We Are NOT Nuts

We Are NOT Nuts

Unlocking the Secret Behind CÓCOES' Unique Source

In the world of coconut-based products, CÓCOES stands out as a pioneer, not just because of what we create, but how we create it. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation is not only reflected in our products but deeply embedded in our unique vertical integration model.

The Essence of Vertical Integration

Traditional coconut products often start with the coconut fruit. At CÓCOES, we decided to rewrite this narrative by honing in on the often-overlooked yet incredibly rich source—the coconut flower. Our vertical integration model allows us to oversee and control every step of the process, ensuring unparalleled quality and sustainability.

Harvesting from the Blossom

While others focus on the fruit, CÓCOES taps into the coconut flower, the very essence of the coconut's life cycle. Harvesting from the blossom allows us to capture the pure nectar, unlocking a treasure trove of flavors and nutritional benefits that are often missed when sourcing from the fruit alone.

The Farm-to-Table Journey

Our journey begins at Lionheart Farms, where the coconut palms sway in the tropical breeze of Palawan. The vertical integration starts here, ensuring that each coconut blossom is nurtured with care and respect for the environment. By cultivating our farms, we guarantee a sustainable and ethical source for our main raw material.

From Blossom to CÓCOES

The transformation from blossom to CÓCOES products (i.e. beverages, condiments, and sweeteners) is a meticulous process, one that CÓCOES oversees comprehensively. The nectar is harvested with precision, capturing the essence of the coconut flower at its peak. This liquid gold then undergoes minimal processing, preserving its natural goodness.

Quality Control at Every Step

Vertical integration empowers us to maintain rigorous quality control. Every batch is tested, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards. From cultivating our own coconut plant materials to growing our coconut palms to harvesting from the coconut flower to the packaging material, we guarantee an uncompromised experience for our customers.

Sustainability Woven into Our Roots

By focusing on the coconut flower, CÓCOES champions sustainability. Our vertical integration model reduces waste, as we use a part of the coconut palm that is often underutilized. Additionally, we implement eco-friendly practices at every stage, contributing to a healthier planet.

Redefining Coconut Products

CÓCOES is proud to declare, "We Are Not Nuts!" Our commitment to innovation and sustainability has led us to discover the untapped potential of the coconut flower. Through vertical integration, we've created a farm-to-table journey that not only delivers exceptional products but also reflects our dedication to ethical practices and environmental responsibility.

As you savor CÓCOES' unique offerings, remember that each sip is a testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the extraordinary potential found in the coconut flower. Welcome to a new era of coconut-based excellence—rooted in nature, driven by innovation.

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