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Taste the Tropics, Feel the Calm: How this Beverage Reimagine Hydration

Taste the Tropics, Feel the Calm: How this Beverage Reimagine Hydration

Our modern world throws constant curveballs - deadlines, notifications, and social media feeds all vying for our attention. It's no wonder finding moments of peace feels like a distant dream. But what if you could carve out a mini-escape, even amidst the daily hustle? Enter "The Power of Slow" by CÓCOES, a revolutionary coconut flower sap drink promising a taste of the tropics and a path to inner calm, wherever you may be.

The Story of Coconut Flower Sap

"The Power of Slow" centers around the use of coconut flower sap, a natural sweetener obtained from the blossoms of the coconut palm. This distinctive ingredient is collected by local farmers who slice a thin layer from the flower bud, allowing the sap to flow into specially designed containers for processing. The sap is then transformed into a revitalizing and flavorful beverage through careful processing, providing a unique taste experience.

Harvested directly from coconut flowers, "The Power of SLOW" uses pure, 100% organic sap. This natural source provides your body with essential nutrients and electrolytes, keeping you hydrated and energized. Unlike sugary drinks, it's a sustainable and renewable resource, making it a mindful choice for both your well-being and the planet.

Redefining Refreshment

"The Power of Slow" is more than just a beverage; it's an invitation to slow down and appreciate the world around you. Its refreshing and distinct taste, derived from coconut flower sap, provides a delightful escape from daily pressures, encouraging you to relish the present moment and cherish life's simple joys.

SLOW is pure sustainable energy, canned as a premium coconut flower drink crafted to energize your active life without the jitters or crash. Fueled by natural nutrients (i.e., all essential and non-essential amino acids, electrolytes, prebiotics, Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B9, and C) and minerals (i.e., Na, K, Ca, Mg, P, Fe, Cu, and Zn), and harvested from the sustainable bounty of coconut palms, it's nature's answer to sustained energy and mindful hydration.

Better than Coconut Water

While coconut water is a popular choice for hydration, The Power of SLOW unlocks an even more potent source: pure coconut flower sap. This natural elixir boasts an impressive nutritional profile, packing 99% more non-essential amino acids, 98% more essential amino acids, and 50% more vitamins compared to coconut water.

Additionally, it delivers 27% more minerals, ensuring you're replenished with essential electrolytes. But the benefits don't stop there. The Power of SLOW boasts a significantly lower glycemic index (35 vs 54), meaning it provides sustained energy without the sugar spikes and crashes associated with other drinks. This natural powerhouse redefines hydration, offering a superior alternative for those seeking a healthy and energizing way to stay hydrated.

Recollecting the Fresh Tuba Culture

Inspired by the rich heritage of Filipino fresh tuba culture, this drink is also a recollection of tribute to community, tradition, and the pure, unadulterated taste of life's simplicity.

With more people giving importance to health and environmental awareness, "The Power of Slow" is a beverage that perfectly aligns with these global trends. By choosing this drink, you are not just supporting local farmers and sustainable practices, but also showing your appreciation for the enduring spirit, inventive essence, and cultural vibrancy of the Filipino community.

Empowering Local Farmers and Promoting Sustainability

CÓCOES through Lionheart Farms is deeply committed to uplifting Filipino farmers and fostering sustainable agricultural practices. The utilization of coconut flower sap serves as a cornerstone in creating a substantial source of income for these essential individuals within the community. Additionally, the production process of "The Power of Slow" is rooted in environmentally responsible practices, aiming to reduce waste and the ecological impact, thus paving the way for a more verdant and sustainable future.

Experience the Power of Slow

"The Power of Slow" by CÓCOES will be available starting May 2024, in selected retailers nationwide and in our e-commerce site. To learn more about this innovative beverage and its story, visit our website. Join the movement and taste the tropics while feeling the calm with "The Power of Slow."

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